A Waterproofing Success Story - Dekro Paints

A Waterproofing Success Story

Once upon a time there was a business park riddled with leaks and other waterproofing issues. Consultants, Contractors and Specifiers all had the solutions but this would have come at a great cost.
Then Dekro Paints arrived at the table with Hydroclad waterproofing system and a year down the line we did not received a single call regarding any leaks again (we checked the phone lines….they work!!!)

The story starts here….

Problems : Leaks reported on parapet walls, headwall flashings, box gutters and external walls.

Goal : Waterproofing all substrates without replacing gutters and flashings.

Solution : Hydroclad Waterproofing system to all surfaces

  1. All Parapets and headwall flashings has been sealed as per specification and there are no signs of delamination and or coating failure visible on these areas.
  2. All gutters have been sealed as per specification and there are no signs of delamination and or coating failure visible on these areas.
  3. All defective junction seals (top 1m) has been removed and replaced as per specifications.
  4. Roof sheeting (Clear Skylights) has been replaced to prevent water ingress.
  5. Missing and badly corroded roof screws has been removed and replaced as per technical specifications.
  6. Although the gutters have been lined and are “waterproof” the gutters require cleaning on a 6 month interval to remove debris and dirt to prevent any blockage and or build-up from deteriorating the coatings applied.
  7. Some of the gutters have inadequate falls due to historical repairs and being unmaintained for long periods of time so ponding is visible (this can also deteriorate coating)
  8. The outlet (down pipes) of some gutters are only 80-90mm wide and due to the amount of water on the roof water doesn’t flow away quick enough and then cause the gutter to overflow into the unit (if this persists bigger downpipes must be installed to problem gutters)
  9. Some of the roof screws are corroded so badly that removing them will cause damage to the roof sheeting. These screws should be attended to when refurbishing the roof sheeting.
  10. The Roof will require maintenance in the foreseeable future and should be planned for. A corrosive treatment and roof coating should perform as a minimum requirement.
  11. Waterproofing is a process of elimination and through the specification and options provided that has been completed the majority of water ingress issues would have been resolved.