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Advances in Environmental Friendly Paint

Paint manufacturers constantly searches for new ways to minimize the impact of harmful chemicals within paint on our environment. By removing harmful substances including VOC’s, APEO, MEG, Formaldehyde,Ammonia and Solvents the quest for going green could be achieved. What further advances could be made in green technology coatings?

Why don’t we manufacture paint from industrial waste?

In decorative acrylic coatings, a large portion of the paint formula consists of fillers or extenders, which are minerals formerly added to increase volume and reduce cost. These include calcium carbonate, talc, silica, mica, clay and kaolin,These minerals conditioning on particle shape and size, will contribute to film properties.

Ryan Purchase, technical director and paint chemist for Amoriguard, developed this advanced coating after three years of extensive research and evaluation of various industry wastes, Amoriguard is now engineered using specific waste resources to replace most of the fillers and partial pigments.

Ryan notes “Compared with using unrefined wastes, the products in the final selection are all processed waste, which ensures consistency of the products used in our formulations.” These coatings are, therefore, sustainable, with levels of volatile organic compounds, alkyl phenol ethoxylate, glycol, ammonia and formaldehyde far below the typical regulated levels globally, he says.

How did this idea come about?

The demand for environmental friendly coatings is increasing in the South African market, driven by local organisations such as the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) and other international organisations.

During 2012 Professor Mulalo Doyoyo was working with Sasol Chemcity on the development of a binder for waste materials and made a paint sample based on this technology. Rivash Panday of Sasol Chemcity approached Ryan Purchase, who had just taken a voluntary retrenchment from Midas Earthcote, to evaluate the product. The sample had many shortcomings, but the seed was sown and the two entrepreneurs joined forces and started the development of a green coating system based mainly on waste products from industry.

Mid 2013 Ryan Purchase became a shareholder in Amoriguard and in July 2016 the Agrément Certificate was obtained. Sasol Chemcity were instrumental in the development and assisted with funding for Agrément Certification and Raw Materials for large scale trials.

Amoriguard has entered into an agreement with Dekro Paints, an ISO Accredited paint manufacturer, where Dekro will manufacture, market and distribute the Amoriguard A-Gain products throughout Sub Saharan Africa.

Amoriguard’s objective is to develop a range of sustainable green coatings containing significant levels of waste materials.