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All In One Waterproofing

The last Waterproofing product you will ever buy!


Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane Systems (LAM’s) are protective coatings and are either of one or two-component, usually Acrylic, Polyurethane, Bituminous base, or a hybrid combination. Dekro Paints have completed years of research and development
to provide a successful liquid waterproofing membrane system that is now also chemical resistant.

The benefit of the NEW Painters’ Pal All-in-One Waterproofing system is that it is compatible with most waterproofing systems and due to its quick curing capabilities can be applied to encapsulate waterproofing systems and substrates within a single day.

Dekro Paints was trusted to provide a coating system to waterproof the walkways, stairs and landings onto newly installed reinforced concrete to prevent water ingress into highly trafficable areas. Prompting some adhesion and durability testing we provided a workable solution to minimise water ingress with a flexible waterproofing coating topped by a rigid hard-wearing floor coat.

  • After the floor was left to cure for 27 days we conducted moisture readings with a maxidoser hygrometer to ensure that moisture levels are below 10%
  • The contractor applied a single coat of Dekster 121 Colour retaining primer to the entire surface – Dekster 121 is a water-based penetrating primer, designed for easy and safe application to promote adhesion of the subsequent coatings. We also have Hydrolock Primer (twin pack water-based epoxy primer) and Painter’s Pal Multi-Purpose primer suitable for priming which is always dependable on the condition of the substrate and whether it is wood, steel floated or whether penetration rather than bonding is required.
  • All-in-one waterproofing was applied to the entire surface with chopped strand remat reinforcing the joints and termination upstands. The second coat was applied immediately to cover the reinforcing. Where required a third coat was applied if minimal required DFT’s of 300 was not achieved.
  • The waterproofing was then finally overcoated with Painter’s Pal Garage Floor Paint – Designed to give a hard-wearing Satin/Matt coating over new or previously painted surfaces.

Based on alkali resistant pigments and binder.
Hard-wearing and easy to clean.
Easy re-paintable at any stage of life when re-coating becomes necessary.
Prevent disintegration of cement-based floors, chemical and weather-resistant.

All-in-one waterproofing is the ultimate waterproofing solution for roofs, existing and new waterproofing encapsulation, roof valleys and gutters, balconies, parapets, bathroom showers, ponds and channels.