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Dekro Environmentally Friendly Coatings



At Dekro Paints, we care about the environment, and we want our products to do the same. This is why we have put time and effort into being ahead of the game when it comes to our environmentally friendly paints and coatings. Our Enviro range is the next best thing!

Research shows that indoor air is three times more polluted compared to outdoor air, which is generally due to paints and finishes. This is a form of air pollution and is why greener and safer paint alternatives are becoming a need in today’s paint industry.

Did you know that our Enviro Range is the greenest coating range in Africa? There are absolutely no harmful substances used to create these products, which is to ensure that they are friendly to both you and the environment. Our products adhere to the eco-friendly standards which are set by the industry. These products deliver style and sophistication.

You may be aware of the term ‘green washing’, which is used to describe marketing tactics that are deceptively used to make the public think that a certain brand is environmentally friendly when they are not. We are serious about protecting our environment and keeping it safe, and we can assure you that this is not the case at Dekro Paints. We care for the environment and are intentional when it comes to the products used in our Enviro Range.

It is important to note that we do not claim that other environmentally friendly products are not green, but we are 100% transparent about what is in our products. We can assure you that our Enviro Range is 100% environmentally friendly and will continue to deliver high-quality outcomes that are associated with the Dekro brand.

Take a look at our Enviro Range for your next home project!


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