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Dekro Paints and Hamilton Rugby Club

Hamiltons was founded in 1875.  No other rugby club in South Africa dates back to 1875.  When Hamilton’s claims to be the oldest in South Africa, it does so with justification.

The form of football played at the Cape in 1875 was not rugby football, according to the rules of Rugby School in England.

The rules did not reach the Cape until 1878.  Before that people here played a game based on a form of football played at Winchester College, brought to the Cape by Canon G. Ogilvie, principal of Diocesan College (Bishops), in 1861.

This was before the formation of the Football Association, which was father to soccer, or the Rugby Football Union, which became rugby’s guardian.

With this rich 146-year rugby tradition Dekro Paints is a proud sponsor to redecorate the external facades and roofs with our Environmental Friendly Coatings.


V114 Polyurethane Accelerator
Cure Accelerator for Selected Polyurethane Finish Coats.
V114 Polyurethane Accelerator, is designed to decrease the time to Hard Cure in winter temperatures in a range of polyurethane finish coats.

Note: Depending on temperature, the addition of V114 Polyurethane Accelerator will reduce the pot life of the treated finish coat – refer to our technical data sheets.

CAUTION ! Polyurethane Accelerator should only be used when it is essential to improve cure time.
Mixed product should be thinned at least 10% BEFORE adding Polyurethane Accelerator.
Over addition of Accelerator may result in drastically reduced Pot Life and be detrimental to finish gloss level.


Palmhof in Gardens are currently in process of receiving a new lease of life with Dekro’s environmentally friendly coating range. The project is being completed by Wvoigt and require a wide variety of remedial repairs to be conducted prior to receiving coatings.

The building is receiving a primer coating (Dekro Plaster and Masonry Primer) which is an alkali resistant waterbased primer then followed by two coats of Xterior Guard which is a high build flexible external coating that provides prolonged protection for harsh climate conditions.


Weskus Mall in Vredenburg is currently being coated by a Tailormade Construction and Christo Bestbier Painters partnership.

Dekro Paints provided external coatings in 2015/2016 and was the obvious choice when the redecoration was scheduled this year.

The colour is specifically formulated and manufactured from co-grinding pigment to better disperse colorants within the coatings to prevent premature fading because of the red oxide dust attack that prevalent in the Vredenburg area.

The project is monitored by Louis Cillie Consult and coated with Xterior Guard and Pure Velvet from our Enviro Range.