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Dekro Project: Steel Fencing at Milnerton Business Park

This is just another one of the many incredible projects that we, the Dekro team, were able to get involved in. This project included providing steel fencing at the Milnerton Business Park.

Did you know that if you want to offer guarantees on structural metal, it is compulsory to clean the metal to Sa3 standards, as well as go through inspections from a certified NACE inspector?

This is not always achievable, however, cleaning the metal to ST2 along with Dekro Representative inspections will guarantee a 7-10 year life expectancy of the coating. It is important to note that this does not include the return of rust during the full life expectancy of the coating itself.

Do you know the difference between SA3 and ST2 cleaning? Here is a break-down:

SA3 Cleaning

This includes the process of blast-cleaning white metal. A jet is used and is passed over the metal surface in order to remove all mill scale, rust and other foreign matter. Thereafter, the surface is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a clean brush which should leave the metal with a uniform metallic colour.

ST2 Cleaning

This is the process of using a hard metal scraper or a wire brush to thoroughly scrape the metal to remove loose scale, rust, and other foreign matter. Once done, the surface is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a clean brush leaving the metal with a faint, metallic sheen.

After these areas are properly cleaned, we use a double coat of Hydromet Rust Converter over the rusted areas of the metal as this has incredible rust-converting properties and will prevent the migration of the rust through to the paint film.

Lastly, we used two final coats of Hydro E5 which we applied as an anti-corrosive coating that is suitable for C5 industrial environments, such as areas where there is permanent condensation or high pollution.


The client was extremely happy with the results!


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