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Dekro – Your roof coating experts

Dekro Paints is a sought after manufacturer of roof coatings in the Western Cape . Our research and development teams are continuously searching for cost effective coating alternatives with long lasting performance characteristics

Roof Coatings:

Hydro C5: Hydro C5 is a waterbased direct to metal coating that offers a quick drying, twin coat system to IBR and Galvanized roof systems without the need for a primer. It offers corrosion protection in C5 corrosion environment.

Solardek UV: Solardek UV is a waterbased UV reflective coating suitable for all types of roofs. Suitably primed it will lower the internal temperatures up to 25%. Solardek UV is widely used on factories, cold storage and warehouses where climate control is required.

Rainproof: Rainproof is a liquid plastic coating suitable for tiled roof surfaces. It offers fantastic water ingress protection on cement roof tiles, ridge tiles and parapet walls that are porous in nature.

Allroof: Allroof is an adhesion promoted pure acrylic that is suitable as a protective coating for most roofing structured. Suitably primed it will provide long lasting protection against mould, salt, UV and acid rain.