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Environmental Friendly Coatings and What That Means?

Decorative Paints from most Manufacturers still contain high levels of:

VOC (Volatile Organic Substances), APEO, Glycol, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Solvents and Heavy Metals/Lead

•These substances are either added by the manufacturer of the Raw Material or the Decorative Coating.

•Currently with no legislation in RSA restricting the use of these substances it is left to the Paint Manufacturers to take the initiative and reduce these levels.

•However by careful selection from a growing range of greener alternatives it is becoming possible to develop paints which contain extremely low levels of these substances  – resulting in coatings which are far less harmful to us and our environment.

Dekro Paints new product range of 7 decorative products has been carefully formulated to have as close to 0% of all these undesirable substances. (Available from March 2017)

Why are these substances harmful to us and our environment?

VOC (Volatile Organic Substances)

•Low boiling point substances that pollute air (<250° C)

•Suspected Carcinogen

•Some are highly toxic

•Can lead to sick building syndrome

•Are used in a wide range of manufactured products

•VOC levels are often 2-5 times higher indoors than outside

•Contribute towards smog formation

APEO – Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates

•Non Ionic surfactants with an emulsifying and dispersing action

•Extremely toxic to aquatic life

•Very persistent and do not degrade


•MEG – Moderately toxic Organic Compound

•Propylene Glycol – Non Toxic

•Leads to Smog Formation

•Eye irritant



•Colourless liquid/gas with a pungent small

•Caustic and hazardous

•Highly toxic to aquatic animals

•Classified as dangerous to the environment



•Highly Toxic


•Also a VOC

•0,1ppm in air can irritate eyes and mucous membranes.

Solvents and Heavy Metals

•Most solvents are VOC’s.

•Heavy Metals tend to be accumulative poisons that are slowly absorbed into the body.