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Grabouw Lodge

Situated at the heart of the verdant Elgin Valley, Grabouw Lodge is a haven, a home from home and a comfortable base from which to explore the beautiful surroundings. The lodge is small, personal and well appointed, with luxurious rooms and facilities to meet the expectations of international tourists, corporate groups and wedding parties alike.

The building was in a terrible state – the existing coatings showing severe signs of delamination, mould and fungal growth evident on all the horizontal surfaces, moss growing from the numerous plaster cracks and not to mention the delapidation of the cement roof tiles accounting for internal delamination also.


Partnering with Next Level Painting Contractors, the project ran for a period of four months with a full Internal and Exterior redecoration.

Due to the severe case of Alkaline Burn, a full primer coat was applied, using our enviromentally friendly Dekro Plaster and Masonry Primer and Super Fibretex as the final coatings.

Most textured coats contain sand, silicate, mica or other coarse particles. These are used to assist in the textured appearance and to bridge cracks – the disadvantage is that these coatings have a high degree of dirt retention.

Super Fibretex is specially formulated with cellulose fibres to give a slight textured appearance and bridge hairline cracks without being too rough. This results in a coating that has low dirt retention, giving a much longer coating life with outstanding durability & waterproofing properties.