Grabouw Mall - Dekro Paints

Grabouw Mall

Dekro Paints, in conjunction with Next Level Painting contractors took on the task of the External Redecoration of Grabouw Mall. Even though the existing coatings were still in a fair condition, this project had far more lurking beneath the faded coatings than expected.


Once the walls were high pressure washed to remove all dirt, laitance, and dust – the true colours and daunting task of what was lurking beneath was revealed. From leeching, alkali burn, fungal growth to mould was just a few of the issues that was faced by the contractors.


Using Dekro’s environmentally friendly Plaster and Masonry Primer over all remedial repairs and bare plaster areas to provide a sound surface for the application of the Dekro Super Fibretex. All the Parapet Walls and Horizontal surfaces were sealed with the Dekro Fibre Reinforce to prevent any possible moisture ingress and all waterproofing areas were sealed using Painter’s Pal All-in-one Waterproofing to ensure that no internal moisture ingress was possible to the retail stores or the offices.


Weekly site visitations and reports were compiled to ensure that the specifications was followed correctly, and the correct products were applied at the correct DFT. the project was completed in a period of four months