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Hamiltons Rugby Club

Hamiltons was founded in 1875.  No other rugby club in South Africa dates back to 1875.  When Hamilton’s claims to be the oldest in South Africa, it does so with justification.

The form of football played at the Cape in 1875 was not rugby football, according to the rules of Rugby School in England.  The rules did not reach the Cape until 1878.  Before that people here played a game based on a form of football played at Winchester College, brought to the Cape by Canon G. Ogilvie, principal of Diocesan College (Bishops), in 1861.  This was before the formation of the Football Association, which was father to soccer, or the Rugby Football Union, which became rugby’s guardian. With this rich 146-year rugby tradition Dekro Paints is a proud sponsor to redecorate the external facades and roofs with our Environmental Friendly Coatings.