Hotel Verde 6 Star GBCSA Rating - Dekro Paints

Hotel Verde 6 Star GBCSA Rating

The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) has awarded a 6-Star “Green Star SA Existing Building Performance (EBP)” rating for Hotel Verde Cape Town, Africa’s greenest hotel.   This puts the hotel at ‘World Leadership’ status according the to the GBCSA’s certification tools.

Dekro Paints was approached in 2018 to provide a specification , Products Samples ,Technical Data Sheets and declaration of VOC levels for approval for the interior and exterior applications.

The hotel didn’t want to move away from their corporate colours (Green, Purple, Charcoal and Beige) but required a coating that would last longer than the current coatings on the facades that faded quite badly.
Dekro Paints formulated in partnership with our colourant suppliers, the clear base colours with colour fasting pigments. The vibrant colours (purple and green) has been co-grind (where pigments and/or fillers are dispersed by grinding together) provide consistent colour value and improved first-time colour due to the consistent strength and optimal dispersion of the pigment. This optimal dispersion of the pigment will also translate into performance benefits and help avoid such application problems as “picture framing.” Picture framing refers to a colour difference (usually darker) relative to the rest of the painted surface that occurs when different methods of applications are used, i.e., brushing or rolling.