How a paint company focuses on the environment - Dekro Paints

How a paint company focuses on the environment

Hetzner, our web hosting company, recently wrote a story about us for their Insights portal. We’ve copied it below for you to read:

Dekro Paints is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of paint and coatings in South Africa. They export their products into Africa, Australia, Europe and the Far East, and hold themselves to the most stringent quality assurance systems in South Africa.

Green emphasis

What began in 1920 as a paint company has grown into a multi-product range with a strong emphasis on the environment. Dekro’s New Green Generation Products are all labelled with the Dekro Daisy, to show that they are friendly to the environment and the people using them. All the Green Generation Products are formulated with minimal levels of harmful substances like VOC’s, APEO, MEG, formaldehyde, ammonia and solvents.

“Dekro Paints has been manufacturing paint and resin since 1920, but it’s our emphasis on the environment that really sets us apart. We’re proud to offer the greenest ecological coating range in South Africa — we’re the leading innovator in greener paint products.”

Consistent quality

Dekro Paints has always been known for their excellent quality at competitive prices, with the most diverse range of paint and resin products in South Africa. As a company, they focus on consistent community work as a core part of business. And, of course, they are the leading innovator in greener paint and resin products, thanks to ongoing research and development using modern and future technology.

Online presence

But no modern business can flourish offline. Their website — — has been hosted by Hetzner for over 15 years and is an integral part of the Dekro business plan. “If there’s one piece of advice I wish I’d been given at the start, it’s that technology and an online presence is — and always will be — a key part of the sales strategy,” says Greg Meaker, Chairman of Dekro Paints.

Having the right hosting partner is an important part of this. “We chose Hetzner in the early 2000s because of their good service and pricing at the time. Almost 15 years later, that hasn’t changed.”