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Mams Mall

Mams Mall brings world-class shopping and entertainment to Mamelodi, redefining the way the community lives, works and shops. Enjoy the convenience of major national retailers, restaurants, banks, services, a large entertainment area and cinemas, all in a beautiful ultra-modern and comfortable environment. Home to more than half a million people, Mamelodi is fast becoming a leading commercial and social node. It is one of the fastest growing middle class suburbs in South Africa. NAD Property Income Fund (Pty) and Resilient REIT are at the core of this transformation. The heart of this development will be a regional shopping centre that promises to drive and sustain future developments.

Amoriguard is a certified water-based paint whose fillers are based on industrial waste that had gone through thorough treatment. These fillers replace mineral fillers in traditional paint. The paint was invented by Mulalo Doyoyo and co-developed by Ryan Purchase. The amount of volatile organic compounds, ammonia, formaldehyde, glycol, lead-based pigments, and alkylphenol ethoxylates in the paint are low or absent. It is manufactured below optimum pigment concentration which means that most pores in its composition are filled with solid particles. The paint is hydrophobic and chemical-resistant.