Palm Springs Case Study - Dekro Paints

Palm Springs Case Study


  • Waterproofing

  • External Redecoration


  • All-in-One Waterproofing

  • Xterior Guard

  • Fibre Reinforced

  • RustRite

  • Non Drip Enamel

Palm Springs was the first residential high-rise to be developed at Oasis. Occupied since early 2007, it comprises 87 apartments over 9 floors, conveniently located in acres of beautifully landscaped gardens in the heart of Century City.

Thorough project planning was done as this project had extensive remedial repairs ranging from Hairline Cracks to Debonding Plaster. Not to mention that the only means viable was by rope access, as there was a concern of injury to the senior citizens if scaffolding was permanently erected during the project. The project ran for a total period of 10 months, due to the strong South and South East winds, many a day’s progress was delayed.

Management requested a coating that would resist water ingress, fungal growth, withstand these strong winds, and shed dirt and surface contaminants easily. For this reason, the buildings were thoroughly water jetted. A full primer coat of Dekro Plaster and Masonry Primer was applied which offers improved resistance to Alkali, UV and leaching ensuring better long term stability and efficiency. Xterior Guard was chosen as the final coating as it is an exceptionally high quality fibre reinforced flexible waterproofing coating that bridges hairline cracks, offers extremely low dirt retention, is highly washable with good stain resistance and outstanding waterproofing properties.