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Preparation of Substrates with Water Restrictions

With the  City of Cape Town  implementing Level 2 water restrictions, effective from the 1st of January 2016 it is important to note that no potable water is allowed to high pressure clean substrates/facades on external buildings. If contractors wish to proceed with this method of cleaning buildings as part of their preparation, exemption must be obtained from the City of Cape Town.

The only issue with the application for exemption is the time constraints or limitations in which these permits will be issued as well as the waiting period for approval. Contractors are always subject to completion dates so what could be the alternative?

The purpose of high pressure washing substrates is to remove any dirt or residues on it. It also removes flaking or friable paint that has not properly adhered as well as any chalk (powdering).

The same effect can be achieved by using a sugar soap solution and hard bristled broom. Together with an application of Hydrowash Antifungicidal that removes chalk powder is a sufficient way to prepare surface with limited use of water. All surface can be washed down with a damp soft cloth after areas has been treated.

To prevent receiving exorbitant fines for non compliance contact Dekro Paints for specifications regarding preparation of surfaces that conforms to water regulations.