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Prevent the increase in waterproofing cases

With the rainy season in full effect, the increase in demand in waterproofing products is also prominent. Dekro Paints have a full range of waterproofing products, including our NEW All-in-One Waterproofing for those specialized waterproofing repairs.

The trend towards using LAM has shown an increase >6% worldwide to conventional waterproofing systems.

Liquid-Applied Membrane (LAM) is a monolithiv, fully bonded, liquid-based coating suitable for many waterproofing applications. The coating cures to form a rubber-like elastomeric waterproof membrane and is applied over many substrates, including asphalt, bitumen and concrete. Liquid membranes combine the properties of adhesive sheet membranes, while adding significant technological advancements by creating an instant-setting coating. They combine the elastic properties of new generation polymers with the waterproof characteristics of a highly emulsified asphalt.

The technology results in a seamless rubber membrane that results in instant set application. The liquid applied membrane market is segmented by type, application and geography. By type, the market is segmented into polyurethane, cementitious, bituminous, other types. Dekro Paints offers a solution to encapsulate all of these types of substrates, making this a cost effective maintenance option for cash strapped businesses and property owners.


Liquid Roofing Membrane forms a thick, monolithic (seamless), fully-adhered elastomeric film when applied on top of flat roof systems that provides:

  • Protective Properties
  • Energy Management Properties
  • Appearance Properties
  • Solutions for many roofing systems
  • Seamless with no potential leaks in joints or welds
  • Simple application procedure
  • Higher quality types resist impact damage and foot traffic
  • Excellent to refurbish existing roofs without replacing them
  • Good solution for small and complicated roofs
  • Very good mechanical properties in broad temperature range
  • Low temperature flexibility at -20°C
  • High tensile strength and elongation at > 20°C
  • Excellent aging performance (UV/thermal/water)
  • Stable elongation also after accelerated aging tests
  • High water resistance: Low water swelling
  • No blistering observed on concrete or bitumen
  • Good dirt pick-up properties thanks to high hardness

Concrete Non-Reinforced / Roof (Cement, Asbestos and Nutec / Metal Roofs / Previously Applied Waterproofing Systems / Metal Flashings and Roof Valleys / Galvanized Metal Gutters / Parapets and Horizontal Ledges / Bathroom Showers / Ponds and Dams / Tanks / Channels and Gulleys


Dekro Paints was requested to provide a waterproofing specification to waterproof the server rooms at Terraco. We provided Dekster 121 Colour Retaining Primer as a penetrative primer coating before applying two coats of All-in-One Waterproofing at 600 micorn