Dekro Rippletex

Dekro Rippletex is a flexible, heavy textured coating with excellent water resistance.  Rippletex is used on exterior Focus/Accent walls.  Rippletex is designed to cover hairline cracks on old and crazed plaster.

Dekro Super Fibretex

Acrylic co-polymer emulsion. Super Fibretex is specially formulated with cellulose fibres to give a slight textured appearance and bridge hairline cracks without being too rough.

Dekro Hydrosilk

Dekro Hydrosilk is an adhesion promoted plastic satin finish pure acrylic coating. Dekro Hydrosilk has outstanding interior/exterior durability and is stain and scrub resistant.

Dekro Super Acrylic

Dekro Super Acrylic is a high quality, washable, matt pure acrylic which dries to a smooth matt finish. Regarded as the most popular grade of emulsion paint. Dekro Super Acrylic may also be applied to metal and wooden surfaces, provided these surfaces have been primed with an appropriate primer.
Acrylic | Concrete | Metal | Plaster | Wood

Dekmore Acrylic

Dekmore acrylic is very quick drying with fast re-coating properties. Excellent wall and ceiling finish for interior/exterior surfaces and may be applied direct to new plaster, concrete and various types of composition boarding.
Acrylic | Ceiling

Dekro Allflex

Dekro Allflex is a water based acrylic co-polymer resin assisted by a buoyant polymer which rises to the surfaces where it is functional. Dekro Allflex provides a thick, tough but elastic film to prevent hair cracks which waterproofs, resists UV and fungal growth.
Acrylic | Masonry | Waterproof