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Heat Resistance Enamel 200°C

Special blend of aluminium paste and heat resisting resins. Heat fuses paint to form a bright aluminium finish. Ready for use, fast drying aluminium. Heat resistant up to 200°C on exterior surfaces.
Heat Resistant

Bituminous Paint

General purpose protective coating Impervious to moisture and most chemicals. Low cost, high solid content. Acceptable glossy appearance.
Bituminous | Waterproof

Road Marking Traffic Paint

Dekro Road Traffic Paint is a quick drying modified alkyd resin paint with excellent durability. It has had excellent day and night visibility and is a proven performance with municipalities and provicial authoities with the required SABS certification.


Flamelock is a water based, Acrylic\Boron polymer blend, fire retardant coating. Flamelock is water based coating which forms a tough, flexible, chemical resistant membrane with outstanding fire retardant properties.
Fire | Heat Resistant

Epicon T-500

EPICON T-500, a high build type epoxy coating, has excellent physical properties such as adhesion, toughness, abrasion resistance, etc. as well as chemical resistance to salt-water, fresh water, petroleum products, crude oil, alkalis and weak acids.
Epoxy | Marine

Dekro Tuffcoat

Tuffcoat is a surface tolerant epoxy coating, designed to protect steel with less surface preparation.  Tuffcoat requires less surface preparation (St 2) and sandblasting is not necessary.  It has excellent adhesion and can be applied to a slightly damp surface.
Concrete | Epoxy | Waterproof