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Standard Aluminium

Ready mixed leafing aluminium paint. General purpose high lustre aluminium. Protective coating for iron, steel, wood and other surfaces. Improves illumination. Reflects heat.

Road Marking Traffic Paint

Dekro Road Traffic Paint is a quick drying modified alkyd resin paint with excellent durability. It has had excellent day and night visibility and is a proven performance with municipalities and provicial authoities with the required SABS certification.


Sheerflex should be used where outstanding durability and waterproofing properties are required. Sheerflex is designed to cover hair cracks on old and crazed plaster.
Acrylic | Concrete | Crack Filler | Exterior | Plaster | Waterproof


Mediflex is a high gloss, single pack waterborne polyurethane based coating designed with specific hygiene functionality. The in-film preservative is designed to remain permanently locked in and active ensuring no growth of surface micro-organisms.
Antifungal | Polyurethane


Mediguard is a top quality 100% pure acrylic water based coating for the prevention of fungal and algae growth.
Acrylic | Antifungal


Flamelock is a water based, Acrylic\Boron polymer blend, fire retardant coating. Flamelock is water based coating which forms a tough, flexible, chemical resistant membrane with outstanding fire retardant properties.
Fire | Heat Resistant