Project – Hotel Verde - Dekro Paints

Project – Hotel Verde

We had the privileged of working on a 6-star hotel, Hotel Verde, located in Cape Town Industria area. We were initially approached in 2018 where we were asked to provide a specification, various product samples, technical data sheets, and a declaration of VOC levels. This was to get prior approval for both the interior and exterior of this project.

This 6-star hotel was awarded the title of Africa’s Greenest Hotel by the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA). As a result of this, the hotel is now considered to have a ‘World Leadership’ status!

The hotel’s corporate colours consisted of 5 main colours, namely green, purple, charcoal, and beige. However, it required a new coating that would ensure that it lasts longer as the previous facades had badly faded. With the help of our trusted colourant suppliers, we created special clear base colours with colour-fasting pigments.

We chose two vibrant primary colours, purple and green, which we then co-grinded (meaning that pigments and/or fillers were dispersed by grinding together), which provided consistent colour value and improved the overall first-time colour due to the consistent strength and optimal dispersion of the actual pigment.

The dispersion of the pigment will result in better performance as well as assist in avoiding application problems in the future.

We are proud of the outcome of this project and are excited for new ones to come!