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Retain that natural concrete look with a durable twin pack coating

The key to longevity of the coating system applied is choosing the correct product. On this beautiful garage floor we recommended a penetrating epoxy primer Epicon Marine Clear followed by two to three coats of  Unymarine  Clear to achieve the desired glossy finish required.

Always consult with a Dekro Representative before attempting to coat floors  as they can assist with specifying the correct coating system and also monitor the cleanliness, moisture and drying times required to successfully complete the project.

Refurbish your corporate offices with minimal disruption

Dekro Paints  Environmental Friendly Coatings are not only good for the environment but due to the removal of all harmful substances has very little odour. The advantage of this is that offices and communal spaces can be coated whilst occupied and there are no harm to employees or tenants that are pregnant, suffers from respiratory illnesses and or  susceptible to sick building syndrome.

We use ZeroVOC stainer in these products so choosing a desirable colour will not  affect the odour as conventional coatings does.

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