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Solardek: Thermal Isolation Coatings

In October 2017 DekroPaints was requested to inspect the asbestos roof sheeting on the henhouse at Nantes Estate, Paarl North to ascertain the surface conditions and whether applying thermal insulation coatings to these substrates is viable.

The existing coating on the roof which we presumed was bituminous has weathered badly and we conducted an adhesion test after painting a sample of Solardek onto the surface. In the paint and coating industries, paint adhesion testing is often used to determine if the paint or coating will adhere properly to the substrates to which they are applied. There are several different tests to measure the resistance of paints and coatings from substrates: cross-cut test, scrape adhesion, pull-off test, etc. For this specific adhesion test we conducted a pull-off test.

After good adhesion was established we provided a specification for the encapsulation of the asbestos roofs. We recommended applying a coat of Dekro Hydrowash Fungicidal and leaving it for 24 hours to react to kill all the spores of fungal and mould growth followed by removing all dust, dirt, algae and fungal growth and any other surface contamination by hydro blasting.

We then recommended applying one coat Solardek(Thinned 10-15% with Water) to a DFT of 32µ and then allowing it to dry for ±6 hours. Solardek, due to the reflective pigment requires more time than standard roof coatings to dry. This was followed by a second coat of Solardekwith a total DFT of 64µ.

Solardekis a top quality pure Acrylic Roof Coating containing solar reflective white pigment and a highly recommended finishing paint for roofs of galvanised iron, asbestos cement, cement roof tiles to reflect solar heat. It has outstanding finishes obtained on new and previously painted surfaces in sound condition.

Solardek is recommended for all above surfaces where outstanding adhesion, alkali resistance, water-and weather resistance is required, with added solar heat reflection. It will reduce building temperatures by up to 25% and is widely used for encapsulation of old asbestos.

Following completion of this project the client made the following comments:

“Dear Dekro Team,

At Nantes Estate we have a couple of open sided henhouses with asbestos roofs. These roofs heated up on very hot days and the radiation heat from the asbestos roofs resulted in many mortalities in the top  batteries within the houses.

One of the options to prevent this from happening was to build a suspended ceiling inside the houses. This option seemed quite an expensive exercise and very difficult to execute whilst the houses were still filled with hens. The Dekro Representative suggested that we coat the roofs with Solardek after thorough treatment of the asbestos roofs. The roofs were successfully coated with the Solardek Thermal Isolation Coating. What a difference it made! We are now able to keep the temperature relatively even throughout the houses with proper ventilation and our extremeheat mortality numbers decreased dramatically from what it was before.”




MariaanViljoen (PhD, Pr.Sci.Nat.)

Farmland Partners Poultry Manager

Nantes Estate, Paarl-North, 7646