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Special Coatings For The Wine Industry

Cork taint is a contaminant that is found in wine and is usually the result of musty aroma compounds, such as trichloroanisole (TCA ). Cork taint is universally considered a wine flaw at any detectable level.

It has the tendency to cause undesirable tastes or smells found in the bottle of wine. The causes of this include the wooden barrels the wine is stored in, the actual storage conditions as well as the transport of the corks and wine.

With that being said, the main culprit of cork taint is the cork itself. These chemicals are transferred through the cork, rather than from the cork. Many wine farmers use tree bark to create their corks, and unfortunately, they don’t always know if parts of the bark were contaminated with fungicides or insecticides. If they were, their resulting corks would damage any wine they touch.

Research has shown that TCA does not have any negative effects on humans other than ruining our wine. You can safely drink or cook with cork-tainted wine, the only issue is that the wine will not taste as pleasant as it should.

In order to help prevent the occurrence of cork taint, we have a wide variety of Acrylic, Enamel, Epoxy and Polyurethane coatings suited for the redecoration of the wine industry. These coatings can be applied on various substances, such as walls, isoclad, steel, wood, and concrete.

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