Taking the Stress Out of Your Building Refurbishment - Dekro Paints

Taking the Stress Out of Your Building Refurbishment

Property Managers time is limited and valuable and they do not always have the resources to oversee projects with regards to the technical detail. At Little Greece in Strand we assisted , Just Property Helderberg by means of a site clarification meeting, pricing schedules and specifications for the contractors to submit quotes. We are currently monitoring the project on a weekly basis to ascertain if the repairs and application of coatings are in line with our recommendations.

Dekro Paints recently completed the exterior facades at 266 Long Street in Cape Town with Skai Projects.

The walls was coated with Dekro Allroof and all the natural wood surfaces treated with Timbertek. Timbertek has been formulated on a special siliconised alkyd resin which gives high UV resistance, excellent non-chalking exterior weatherbility but also, due to its unique formula, allows the coating great permeability properties which allows the film to breath and let out moisture but not allow water in.

The exterior redecoration of Golf Beach, Greenways in Strand commenced this month. The project consists out of 16 buildings that will be refurbished in the next 6 years. Dekro Paints involvement is to assist with the monitoring of the repairs and the supply of coatings. All structural cracks, hairline cracks, expansion joints and plaster repairs are logged and repaired and will be over-coated with Ripple Touch to match surface texture prior to applying finishing coats of Super Fibretex.

Dekro Paints is  currently supplying coatings to redecorate multiple buildings at Distell Goudini. The contractor DC Renovators is applying our Masonry Primer and Xterior Guard to all external surfaces and Mediflex to the inside of the cellars to prevent microbial and fungal growth.