Thinner Guide - Dekro Paints

Thinner Guide

  1. Although solvents for thinning are mentioned, thinning should mostly be done when products need to be sprayed.
  2. Where solvents for thinning are not mentioned, thinning is not recommended.

Contact our technical department (toll free: 0800 222 423) for all thinning instructions.

ProductFor CleaningFor Thinning
Primers and First Coats
Adprime No.1Expoxy ThinnersExpoxy Thinners
ARP Plaster PrimerTurps
Bannoh 500Expoxy ThinnersExpoxy Thinners
Clearseal Bonding LiquidTurps
Dekrolite Masonry PrimerTurps
Epicon Zinc Rich PrimerExpoxy ThinnersExpoxy Thinners
Sanding Sealer (R.F.U.)Laquer Thinners
Umeguard SXExpoxy ThinnersExpoxy Thinners
U.Q.D Zinc Phosphate PrimerSpraying ThinnersSpraying Thinners
VasbytEtch Prime ThinnersEtch Prime Thinners
Wash PrimerEtch Prime ThinnersEtch Prime Thinners
Wood PrimerTurpsTurps
GP UndercoatTurpsTurps
Sheer UndercoatTurpsTurps
Universal UndercoatTurpsTurps
Top Coats
Acri 700Acri ThinnersAcri Thinners
Adthane EnamelPolyurethane ThinnersPolyurethane Thinners
Alkyd Stoep PaintTurpsTurps
AquablockTurpsExpoxy Thinners
Bakkie LinerPolyurethane ThinnersPolyurethane Thinners
Bituminous AluminiumTurpsTurps
Bituminous BlackTurpsTurps
Dekro Non-Drip EnamelTurpsTurps / Spraying Thinners
Druiwebak PaintAcri ThinnersAcri Thinners
Eggshell EnamelTurpsTurps / Spraying Thinners
EpiconEpoxy ThinnersExpoxy Thinners / Laquer Thinners
Epicon T-500Epoxy ThinnersExpoxy Thinners / Laquer Thinners
Fleetcryl 2KFleetcryl 2K ThinnersFleetcryl 2K Thinners
Moisture Displacing EpoxyEpoxy ThinnersEpoxy Thinners
MS Primer Filler BaseFleetcryl 2K ThinnersFleetcryl 2K Thinners
P/U Floor CoatTurpsTurps
P/U VarnishTurpsTurps
QD Truck and TractorSpraying ThinnersSpraying Thinners
SeagrandprixAcri ThinnersAcri Thinners
Sheer Gloss EnamelTurpsTurps / Spraying Thinners
Silicon No 400Acri ThinnersAcri Thinners
Spar VarnishTurps
Standard AluminiumTurpsTurps
Schoolboard BlackTurpsTurps
Super High Gloss EnamelTurpsTurps / Spraying Thinners
Timbertek VarnishTurpsTurps
Traffic PaintSpraying ThinnersSpraying Thinners
TuffcoatEpoxy ThinnersEpoxy Thinners
UresheenPolyurethane ThinnersPolyurethane Thinners
WalksafePolyurethane ThinnersPolyurethane Thinners