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Transform Your Braairoom with Dekro Paints

Transform Your Braairoom with Dekro Paints

Uncover expert tips and high-quality products from Dekro Paints and find the best paint colour for a full braairoom transformation. Create a vibrant and inviting space with our extensive range of NCS colours.

Choosing the right paint colour for your braairoom is what helps create a captivating and fulfilling space. Dekro Paints understands the importance of aesthetics and functionality, which is why we are here to guide you through the process of selecting the best paint colours for your braairoom, ensuring a stunning transformation.

Assess Your Braairoom’s Atmosphere

First things first, consider the desired ambiance for your braairoom. Would you prefer cozy or energetic? Understanding the atmosphere you want to create will help you narrow down colour choices that perfectly align with your vision and that will help you reach your end goal.

Create Harmony with the Surrounding Décor

Create a harmonious braairoom by considering existing décor elements such as furniture, flooring, and lighting. By choosing complementary or analogous colours from the colour wheel, you can enhance the overall aesthetic.

Consider the Lighting

Lighting is everything. The lighting in your braairoom affects how colours appear. It is important to consider natural and artificial lighting when selecting paint colours in order to ensure that they look their best under the provided conditions.

Play with Accent Colours

It is always a fun idea to incorporate accent colours into the room to add depth and personality. Use Dekro Paints’ colour swatches to identify complementary accent colors, which can be incorporated through feature walls, decorative elements, or furniture.

Sample and Test

Before committing to a colour, take it home and test it in your braairoom. Dekro Paints offers sample pots to help you visualise how the colours will interact with the space. Test the samples in various lighting conditions to be sure that you are happy with your choice.

With expert tips and Dekro Paints’ high-quality products, you can transform your braairoom into an inviting and vibrant space for the whole family to enjoy. Explore our extensive colour range and let your creativity flow!

View our NCS colours and find your perfect match!

Transform Your Braairoom with Dekro Paints