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Van Ryn Distillery

The Van Ryn’s Distillery, housed in a beautifully preserved historic complex on the banks of the Eerste River, is the only brandy distillery in Stellenbosch. It is also home to the world’s best brandy. That’s the opinion of the judges of the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London.  They have awarded Van Ryn’s the annual title of IWSC Worldwide Best Brandy no fewer than five times! Van Ryn’s has also won the International Spirits Competition (ISC) Best Brandy trophy three times.

Dekro Paints provided various specifications to renovate external facades on the sotre areas as well as  cloakrooms, security huts and the admin building. Due to the heavy textured surface of the external buildings we recommended to spray apply the Dekro Pure Velvet to the surface after all remedial repairs has been completed.

Inside the cloak rooms the existing terracotta tiles were lifted and we recommended Dekster 111 Self Levelling Epoxy as a finish. Wooden floors damaged due to localised flooding was replaced and coated with Adthane Enamel (Twin Pack Polyurethane)

All products used on this redecoration project was Thales Approved. Thales Wine Services tests and approve coatings for oganohalogens which is responsible for the cork taint flavour in wines.

For more information regarding our list of organohalogen free coatings follow this link.