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Waterproofing Coatings

Porous Face brick is a common problem in the industry and various suppliers sells sealers to prevent moisture ingress and migration. Dekro Paints designed Dekro Aquablock  Water Repellent that is based upon a complex aluminium compound with outstanding waterproofing properties and high durability.  Unlike ordinary waterproofing solutions the treated surface may be over-painted when required without loss of adhesion.  It is ideal for use on brickwork, concrete and other porous surfaces exposed to the weather.  Before any coating is applied ensure that all your plaster   pointing has been   repaired. Dekro   Aquablock also   prevents  mould   and moss growth on the surfaces even where damp and moist areas are prevalent.

This Acrylic and membrane system is used to waterproof most roof surfaces as it allows for some movement and when applied correctly creates an effective waterproof seal. Waterproofing is a skill and often previous waterproofing attempts need to be removed. The patching small areas on a leaking roof are not recommended as it is often a “hit and miss” scenario becoming more costly. Rainproof is a waterproofing paint if used as liquid membrane. It forms a waterproofing system, if used in combination with Polyester stitchbond membrane.
Apply to the substrate one Primer / sealer coat of Rainproof, diluted with 20% water and allow to dry (drying time is less than one hour at standard condition 25ºC and 50% humidity).