Wembley Square Structural Steel Surfaces - Dekro Paints

Wembley Square Structural Steel Surfaces

Wembley Square is more than just a residential development, office complex and shopping centre…it’s an entire precinct that has changed the way people live, work and play on the trendy east side of Cape Town.
It’s the essence of sophisticated city life and In 2018 Dekro Paints supplied the range of heavy duty coatings to recoat all structural steel surfaces at Wembley 1, Wembley Square.

Some of the vertical structural beams were coated with a waterbased intumescent coating and we had to conclude some adhesion tests to these areas prior to specifying the correct coatings. Hydrolock Primer was a suitable epoxy alternative to prime these areas to allow for proper adhesion.

A primer coat of Umeguard SX Surface Tolerant Epoxy was coated between 100 and 150 Microns. First coat averages of Unymarine CS615 was @ 59 Microns and Second coat averages @ 57 Microns.

The life expectancy of this coating system is 7-10 years