Woodbridge Island Roof Coatings - Dekro Paints

Woodbridge Island Roof Coatings

The redecoration of Woodbridge Island asbestos roofs commenced in 2015.

Dekro Allroof has been specifically formulated to resist acid rains. The biggest culprit is the burning of fossil fuels by coal-burning power plants, factories, and automobiles; and within the past 4-5 years our congestion within Cape Town transport system has increased the levels of nitrogen dioxide polluting our air even more (causing more acid rain). Recent studies reveal that “Ozone Burn” also increased deteriorating of coating films and we are currently completing tests to see what the impact of “Ozone Burn” is on our coatings as Southern Hemisphere countries like ourselves, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina is worst affected by this.

As new data and technology is available our formulations will be adapted to provide the best possible product for this harsh environment.

Maintenance Cycle

All colours fade and some colours fade more than others. Upon drafting the specification we made a note regarding the blue (that it would fade exponentially faster than the other colours due to the synthetic pigments used in blue coatings) This however will not affect the performance of the coating as the dry film thickness on areas coated has not decreased more than the standard allowance would be. Furthermore there are no blotchy areas confirming that the pigment has not leached out of the coating after inspecting roofs that was painted 5 years ago (2014/2015)

The life expectancy of the colour can be improved by rinsing the roofs with a vinegar water solution annually , but due to water shortages this is not feasible, hence cleaning, fungal treating and re-applying the coating approximately every 5-7 years is highly recommended.