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X-Terior Guard – Why This is Our Top Seller

Our Dekro X-Terior Guard is one of our best-selling products, and rightfully so!

This product is a high-quality, fibre-reinforced, and flexible waterproofing coating that has a low sheen to it. It is made from pure acrylic polymers and offers low dirt retention.

It also forms part of our Enviro range, ensuring that no harmful chemicals have been used in the production of this product, which makes it safe to use for both you and the environment!

This coating is easily washable and has proven time and time again to show great stain resistance! It has many purposes, including that it is perfect for applications when wanting excellent durability and waterproofing. In addition, it is specifically designed and manufactured to perfectly cover hairline cracks on old plaster and can be used on almost any exterior surface that is often exposed to varying weather conditions.

X-Terior Guard has no odour and is great to use when wanting to prevent fungal and algal growth. The various active ingredients used in this product have proven to provide high resistance to Alkali, UV, and leaching.

Use X-Terior guard when renovating or re-decorating your home this summer!

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