Be on the right path if you want to succeed with your floor - Dekro Paints

Be on the right path if you want to succeed with your floor

Concrete and cement floors that are coated with industrial coatings are increasingly appearing in old factories and homes across the country.
Bare floors are not protected from foot traffic and the elements and is also difficult to keep clean.
Not only does coating protect the surface against foot traffic and the elements, but it also transforms the space and adds some aesthetic appeal to it.
The most important part of any floor refurbishment is to contact a Dekro Representative before undertaking such an endeavour.
If the correct preparation and application is not followed rectification can cost a lot of money, leaving you out of pocket.

Any floor prior to application of coatings should be sound (all loose and friable screeds, coatings etc removed) roughened to allow for better adhesion (Preferably diamond grinded or acid etched) and clean (degreased).

This particular floor required 5 separate sessions of diamond grinding and 5 washes with Wunda Clean to get it to a acceptable finish to apply coatings.

Once washing was completed it was left for 4 days to get moisture below 10% as measured with a Hygrometer.
The penetrating primer coating (Epicon Marine Finish thinned 10% with Epoxy Thinners) was applied to the entire surface followed by filling all imperfections and holes with a Moisture Displacing Epoxy Resin and aggregate mixture.

Once the coating was surface dry a full coat of Epicon Marine Finish was applied to provide a beautiful satin sheen finish.

The project was not without hiccups as delaminating screeds and previously inadequate coatings that failed cause delays during the preparation phase. Luckily the Dekro Technical team assisted the contractor step by step to ensure a long-lasting finish on this old warehouse floor.