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Clearseal Bonding Liquid

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Clearseal Bonding Liquid provides good bonding properties with excellent hydrophobic sealent for interior and exterior surfaces of concrete, brick, plaster, hardboard and asbestos cement.


Hydroglaze (Brick Dressing)

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  • The film forms a porous microscopic film this repels water and can release water trap in the wall.
  • Provides good adhesion for Universal Undercoat over absorbent surfaces.
  • Clearseal is designed to penetrate and bind surfaces previously paint with distemper, lime wash and cement paints before over-coating with Emulsion paints.
  • Recommended on interior and exterior masonry or plaster to provide a sound base for subsequent coats of emulsion paint.
  • Recommended bonding sealer for porous surfaces such as gypsum plaster, concrete, cement stones, hardboard, paper-faced boards and various other types of composition boarding.
  • Recommended as bonding liquid for penetrating and binding chalked, but sound PVA or lime wash to the original surface for subsequent coats of emulsion paint.

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