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Certifications & Accreditations

Dekro Paints’ ISO 9001 accreditation

Dekro Paints received the ISO 9001 quality accreditation from the SABS on 15 April 1997.

The ISO 9001 certificate represents a significant recognition on a national and international scale. It forms part of the SABS ISO 9000 series, which is a code of practice for quality control systems developed and published by the International Standards Organisation based in Switzerland.

Applied in South Africa by the SABS, the ISO 9000 series of certificates also has accreditation from the Dutch Raad voor Accreditasie.

The 20 criteria for the award of the ISO 9000 certificates include:

  • contract review
  • design control
  • purchasing standards
  • process controls
  • quality records
  • corrective actions

These criteria effectively ensure consistent product quality and production continuity. Since the ISO requires an organisation to have a well-planned and fully documented quality system, the certificate implies that the production process will not break down or suffer in any way in the absence of any personnel.

By working to such a structured and controlled system, ISO 9000 accredited companies such as Dekro are able to anticipate and prevent potential problems.

As a result, the ISO 9001 certificate proves that Dekro Paints is committed to ensuring sustained quality and productivity on an international scale.

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