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Mediflex is a high gloss, single pack waterborne polyurethane based coating designed with specific hygiene functionality. The in-film preservative is designed to remain permanently locked in and active ensuring no growth of surface micro-organisms.


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Product Description

  • The specific features of this product can be summarised as – fast dry – glossy – hard with rapid physical properties development.
  • Polyurethane toughness coupled with unusually high retention of film integrity plays a key role in ensuring longevity of performance.
  • Due to rapid drying, recoatability and exceptionally fast strength development, the coating will enable rapid re-use of the building or utility when used as a new build or maintenance coating.
  • Mediflex is designed to give the best balance currently available of gloss with high build, plus flow to ensure surface defects from application equipment are minimised.
  • Mediflex is ideal for use in hospitals; food storage and processing; kitchens; breweries; dairies; wine cellars; educational establishments, general industrial and agricultural; marine; laboratories; offices; corridors and general institution use.

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