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Wood and Metal Coatings

High Gloss Enamel

Economical enamel for interior and exterior use. Good appearance with a high gloss. Reasonable durability and gloss retention. Especially formulated for the paint contractor.
Enamel | Wood

Standard Aluminium

Ready mixed leafing aluminium paint. General purpose high lustre aluminium. Protective coating for iron, steel, wood and other surfaces. Improves illumination. Reflects heat.

Sanding Sealer (Clear)

Sanding Sealer is a Nitro Cellulose Sealer for natural wood or veneers where a clear coating is desired in order to enhance the natural beauty of wood grain.
Sealer | Wood

Eggshell Enamel

High quality Eggshell Enamel for interior use. Superb appearance with a uniform eggshell gloss, good build and opacity.


Dekroguard is a water repellent oil based coating containing wood preservatives.
Varnish | Waterproof | Wood

Dekro Spar Varnish

Dekro Spar Varnish is a general-purpose glossy, durable coating that protects woodwork in preference to polishing or oiling.
Gloss | Sealer | Varnish | Wood


Vasbyt is a Fast Drying Acid Hardening Metal Etch Primer. It has very good over-coating properties. It also has excellent adhesion to ferrous metal, galvanised iron and various types of plastic (acting as a key-coat).

Hydrobond 44

Hydrobond 44 is a water based anti-corrosive and rust-inhibiting coating. It provides excellent protection for iron and other metal surfaces in corrosive-industrial environments. It also assists in inhibiting or preventing corrosion, under rusting and rust-creep and is easily applied onto inaccessible areas, where maximum preparation is not possible.
Primer | Waterproof

Dekro Tuffcoat

Tuffcoat is a surface tolerant epoxy coating, designed to protect steel with less surface preparation.  Tuffcoat requires less surface preparation (St 2) and sandblasting is not necessary.  It has excellent adhesion and can be applied to a slightly damp surface.
Concrete | Epoxy | Waterproof

Adthane Enamel

Adthane Enamel is a Polyurethane (Twin Pack) coating.  Adthane Enamel, because of its outstanding properties, can be applied to a wide variety of substrata – plaster, polyester, wood, metals and plastics after correct priming, where outstanding performance is required.
Concrete | Enamel | Wood

Pure Velvet

Dekro Pure Velvet is a premium quality interior/exterior velvet coating, with a low sheen finish which is highly washable, stain resistant and has excellent durability and high opacity.
Antifungal | Concrete | Eco-friendly | Plaster

Non Drip Enamel

Dekro Non Drip Enamel is a non-yellowing water based interior/exterior enamel which is highly durable and washable which dries to an attractive low sheen (satin) finish.
Antifungal | Eco-friendly | Metal | Wood

Super High Gloss Enamel

Dekro Super High Gloss Enamel is a high quality enamel for interior and exterior use. It has a superb appearance with a high gloss good build and opacity. It also has excellent durability and gloss retention and available in a wide choice of attractive colours, including national standard colours (SABS).
Enamel | Gloss

Primers and Undercoats


Galv-Etch is an acid / detergent solution, designed to etch new galvanized surfaces simultaneously with the emulsification of surface contaminants i.e. prefabricators protective coating. Galv-Etch requires a wet reaction period of 10 – 15 minutes before rinsing clean.

Wash Primer

Commonly referred to as Wash Primer. Main use is over well prepared Galvanised Iron Aluminium, Non-ferrous Metal or PVC.
Cleansing | Plaster | Primer

Dekro Hydromet Rust Conversion

Hydromet is not merely a rust converter, it is also a coating.  In situations where use of blast cleaning is not possible to achieve the ideal result, or is considered too costly or impracticable, the norm has been to remove loose material and to convert the iron oxide e.g. by use of a solution of tannic acid.

Zinc Phosphate Primer

U.Q.D. Zinc Phosphate is a cost saving Grey metal primer.  The primer performance characteristic is its excellent adhesion to clean bare metal.
Metal | Primer


Galv-o-Clean is a concentrated alkaline detergent solution, designed to remove surface contaminants, oil and grease on weathered and old galvanised surfaces by its emulsification action prior to rinsing clean.
Cleansing | Solvent

Rustrite Products

Galv Prep

An acid / detergent solution, designed to clean, etch and prepare new or weathered galvanized surfaces simultaneously with the emulsification of surface contaminants i.e. prefabricators protective coating.
Cleansing | Metal

Rustrite Wunda Clean

A heavy duty degreaser/cleaner for all metal surfaces, which can be diluted and rinsed off with water.

Rustrite Metal Coating

Rust-Rite All-in-1 Metal Coating is a decorative treatment for metal that treats rust and transforms any rough rusted metal surface into a smooth, tough, high gloss finish without the need for a primer or undercoat.