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Dekro Hydromet Rust Conversion

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Hydromet is not merely a rust converter, it is also a coating.  In situations where use of blast cleaning is not possible to achieve the ideal result, or is considered too costly or impracticable, the norm has been to remove loose material and to convert the iron oxide e.g. by use of a solution of tannic acid.  The dark grey to black complex formed serves as an indication that the reaction had taken place and that the rust conversion was complete.


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The new Hydromet Rust converter provide rust-converting properties to the coating layer and enable direct applications on rust or on poorly prepared substrates. Hydromet rust converter provides an efficient rust-blocking effect as soon as the paint is applied and form a passivation layer between the substrate and the coating layer ; this helps to maintain the coating’s anticorrosion performance, despite adverse substrate conditions.

Hydromet Rust Converter can be used as a rust-converting pre-treatment which will perform better than tannic acid-based formulations or solvent borne alkyd-based oils. Hydromet provides the following properties : · Preventing the “migration” of rust through paint film, even on freshly rusted surfaces. · Preserving the coating’s colour. · Avoiding strong de-rusting operations before painting, without loss of performance. · Not compromising the coating anticorrosion performance on non-rusted substrates.

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