Dekro Super Acrylic

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Dekro Super Acrylic is a high quality, washable, matt pure acrylic which dries to a smooth matt finish. Regarded as the most popular grade of emulsion paint.


Dekro Hydrosilk
Dekmore Acrylic

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Dekro Super Acrylic may also be applied to metal and wooden surfaces, provided these surfaces have been primed with an appropriate primer. Previously painted oil or enamel surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and sand-papered before applying Universal Undercoat followed by Dekro Super Acrylic Emulsion paint.

  • A high quality, washable, matt emulsion paint for interior and exterior use.
  • For best results on exterior surfaces of plaster, concrete brickwork an appropriate primer should be used.
  • May also be applied to metal and wooden surfaces, provided these surfaces have been primed with an appropriate primer.
  • Previously painted oil or enamel surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and sand-papered before applying Universal Undercoat followed by Super Acrylic Interior/Exterior Emulsion paint.

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Clay Brown, Concrete Grey, Grey White, Honey Yellow, Moss Grey, Ochre Yellow, Oyster White, Papyrus White, Sand Yellow, Silk Grey, Stone Grey, White, Yellow Grey


1L, 5L, 20L

New Surfaces: Brick, Plaster, Asbestos, Cement, standard plaster/ concrete surfaces.

  • Remove dust, dirt and plaster splashes.
  • Cut out large cracks and imperfections.
  • Fill with a suitable filler and sand smooth when dry.
  • Apply one coat of Dekrolite Masonry Primer for interior applications.
  • Apply one coat of Dekro Clearseal Bonding Liquid to smooth, brick plaster and Cretestone Areas as well as Plaster polished trowel applied surfaces.
  • To ensure consistent appearance ensure that the batch numbers on all containers used are the same.
  • Where batch numbers on containers differ, intermix before use.
  • Do not apply direct to new galvanized iron, sand-blasted steel or aluminium.
  • Do not apply directly to untreated knots.
  • Application to areas where temperature exceeds 60°C or below 4°C –is not recommended. (Asbestos heating elements).
  • For diluting use water only, if required.
  • Do not use Mineral Turpentine, Lacquer Thinner or Meths for diluting as this will alter or destroy the quality and performance of Dekro Super Acrylic Interior/Exterior.
  • Clean all equipment and tools with water after use.
  • Do not apply to any plastic-type surface without recommended pre-treatment.
  • Do not apply to surfaces that are mould or fungus infested without recommended pre-treatment.
  • Unsuitable as Asbestos Roof Paint.

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