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Exterior Paint & Primers

Dekro Hydrosilk
A top quality pure acrylic water-based coating with a satin sheen finish. It provides outstanding interior and exterior durability when suitably primed. Since it is highly stain- and scrub resistant it is ideal for surfaces where outstanding adhesion, alkali- and water resistance are required.
Dekro Super Fibretex
Super Fibretex is specially formulated with cellulose fibres to give a slight textured appearance and bridge hairline cracks without being too rough. This results in a coating that has low dirt retention, giving a much longer coating life.

Enviro Range

Xterior Guard

R147.57R3,004.72 inc. VAT

Antifungal | Concrete | Eco-friendly | Plaster | Waterproof

Ripple Touch

R473.76R2,162.41 inc. VAT

Antifungal | Concrete | Eco-friendly | Plaster


R454.56R2,018.87 inc. VAT

Concrete | Eco-friendly | Plaster | Waterproof

Pure Velvet

R162.15R3,166.20 inc. VAT

Antifungal | Concrete | Eco-friendly | Plaster

Pure Matt Acrylic

R122.89R2,498.71 inc. VAT

Acrylic | Concrete | Eco-friendly | Matt | Metal | Plaster | Wood

Acrylics and Enamels

Dekro Allflex

R630.40R2,661.75 inc. VAT

Acrylic | Masonry | Waterproof

Primers and Undercoats