Dekro Rippletex

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Dekro Rippletex is a flexible, heavy textured coating with excellent water resistance.  Rippletex is used on exterior Focus/Accent walls.  Rippletex is designed to cover hairline cracks on old and crazed plaster.


Dekro Super Fibretex

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  • A flexible, heavy textured coating with excellent water resistance.
  • Fast drying and over coating properties.
  • Water based – therefore all equipment can be cleaned with water.
  • Very low odour.
  • Non-toxic and non-irritant if standard painting conditions and code of painting practice is adhered to.

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Clay Brown, Concrete Grey, Honey Yellow, Moss Grey, Ochre Yellow, White, Yellow Grey


5L, 20L

IMPORTANT: Walls (cement plaster, concrete or masonry) must be dry before painting and should not exceed a moisture content of 10% as measured with a Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture Meter or equal. The ambient temperature must be between 4ºC and 40ºC and
humidity between 10% and 85%.
Excessive application thickness and/or rapid drying could lead to mud cracking.
Avoid applying under adverse weather conditions as this could result in poor product performance.
Work from corner to corner, or from a natural cut off point to another.
Do not attempt touch ups, but redo complete panels.

Always keep a wet edge and avoid downing tools during the application process to prevent lap marks and variances in colour or texture.
To ensure consistent appearance ensure that the batch numbers on all containers used are the same. Where batch numbers on containers differ, intermix containers before use.

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