Ultra QD Hammertone

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A quick drying coating for metal which dries to a Hammertone finish.


Metallic Zinc Rich Primer
High Gloss Enamel

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  • Hammer Finishes are extensively used for switch boxes, domestic sheet metal ware, instrument cases, electrical components, machinery, office machinery and equipment, prefabricated office panelling and many other varied applications.
  • The pattern produced by Hammer and Crater Finishes has the appearance of hammered or beaten metal. They have been developed to satisfy the requirements of manufacturers desire of finishing their products with a material which combines distinctive appearance with length of life and a very tough film.

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Andrag Blue, Andrag Green, Bright Blue, Hammered Silver-Grey, Smooth White


1L, 5L

  • Normal spraying equipment only is needed to apply these Hammer Finishes.
    Spray at 32 – 35 sec FC viscosity Ford 4 cup using and air pressure of 250 – 350 KPa.
  • The pattern can be varied by the addition of thinner, alteration of air pressure, and the distance between the spray gun head and the article being sprayed. Apply a mist coat then follow with a full coat.
  • Attractive colour range : According to clients requirements.
  • Available in following colours : normally ex-stock.
    Silver Grey; Andrag Blue; Andrag Green; Bright Blue.
  • One coat finish : They adhere satisfactorily to surfaces such as steel and aluminium sheet and castings, providing these have been properly degreased. If exceptional durability and humidity resistance is required, they should be preceded by a coat of self etch primer (twin
  • Eliminate Filling : Hammertone is particularly effective in hiding surface imperfections, such as spot weld marks, grinding marks and scratches.
  • No dust retention : The attractive surface does not harbour dust and is easily kept clean.
  • Oil Resistant : They are highly resistant to lubricating oils, greases and cutting oils, and are therefore suitable for use on machine parts.

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