Floors Spec - Dekro Paints



When old floors, whether wood, cork, stone, steel, are painted or varnished, special care should be taken that no wax or polish remains on the surface before the paint or varnish coat is applied. Wax polish can be removed from cement floors by scrubbing with a suitable concentrated detergent solution or Dekro Wunda Clean followed by acid etch, but on wood and cork floors only machine sanding will be effective. Floors covered with linoleum or synthetic/rubberised tiles do not normally take surface coatings.

New cement or stone surfaces must be completely dry and fully hydrated before application of paint or varnish.


Clean down to remove dust, dirt or other contamination.

Previously painted or varnished but not polished:
If in poor condition, remove existing coat to original surface by scraping or with Dekro Paint Stripper. Clean down thoroughly and allow to dry. If in good condition, clean down and sandpaper lightly.

Previously wax polished:
Machine sand wood or cork floors. Dust off. Scrub cement floors with a suitable concentrated detergent solution, followed by an acid etch. Wash down with clean water and allow to dry.

N.B.: It is essential to apply a test patch prior to the application of a floor coating to ensure compatibility, intercoat adhesion, wax removal, etc.

N.B.: We recommend that one of our expert technicians be consulted before coating any floor.


Twin Packs (Interior/Exterior)

First coat: Dekro Suitable Twin Pack thinned 20% with Suitable thinners
Second coat: Dekro Suitable Twin Pack
Third coat: Dekro Suitable Twin Pack

Single Packs (Interior/Exterior)

First coat: Dekro Suitable Single Pack Thinned 10% with suitable thinners.
Second coat: Dekro Suitable Single Pack

Note: Intended for dry cement surfaces, but can be used on wood and suitably primed steel. A reasonablepriced product for areas with light traffic