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Metal Non-Ferrous


Aluminium and its alloys are widely used in building construction in the form of flat or ribbed sheets, extruded sections, cast components, etc. Whilst aluminium as a metal is largely self-protective because of its oxide layers, it may require paint for decoration or for protection under very severe corrosive conditions. Sheets and extruded sections have a smooth shiny surface and require pre-treatment to obtain a satisfactory key for paint, whilst cast aluminium requires no pre-treatment other than removal of dirt and grease.

Lead and brass are best left unpainted as paints do not adhere well to these surfaces. Copper must be well abraded before the application of paint.


Clean to remove grease, dirt, oil, etc., by washing with a suitable concentrated detergent.

Previously painted:
If in poor condition, remove with Dekro Paint Stripper. Then proceed as for new work. If in good condition, clean down thoroughly with suitable solvent to remove dirt, grease, oil, etc. Sand glossy surfaces. Dust off.

First Coat: Suitable Dekro Primer
Second Coat: Suitable Top Coat
Third Coat: Suitable Top Coat