Plastic Spec - Dekro Paints



The term “plastic” today covers a very wide range of products of different compositions and characteristics. Because of their great physical strength and corrosion resistance polyethylene and P.V.C. piping are extensively used in the building industry as gutters, downpipes, etc. Many of these are self-coloured, but may require painting on occasion to blend in with the general colour scheme of the structure.


Remove dust, dirt, oil, etc., by washing down with a suitable concentrated detergent solution. Then abrade with a suitable sandpaper to roughen the surface slightly. This is necessary to ensure good adhesion of the paint.

Previously painted:
If in poor condition, remove by scraping, sandpapering, etc. Do not use paint remover. If in good condition clean down and sandpaper lightly. Dust off.

First Coat: Suitable Dekro Primer
Second Coat: Suitable Top Coat
Third Coat: Suitable Top Coat