Heat Resistant Spec - Dekro Paints

Heat Resistant


Fluctuations in temperature impose more strain of the paint film than lengthy exposure to a steady temperature.

The resistance to moisture and chemical attack diminishes after long exposure at high temperatures. It may be found that a film will withstand several months exposure to high temperature, but may fail rapidly if the plant is closed down and moisture allowed to condense on the surface.

Surfaces subjected to heat or steam radiators, steam coil sand pipes, drying ovens, metal flues, chimneys, smoke stacks, etc.


Hose or rinse down with clean water to remove heavy dust, grit or organic matter. Clean down with Dekro Galv-O-Clean Degreaser by working over the surface using a mop, brush or hessian. Thoroughly rinse down with clean water to remove residues. Note whether the final rinsing water forms a continuous film over the surface. If it does, then cleaning is sufficient; if not, repeat the cleaning operation.

Previously painted Section:
If the existing paint is in poor condition, remove by scraping, burning or with Dekro Super Paint Stripper. Then proceed as for new work. If the existing paint is in good condition wash down to remove dirt, grease, dust or other contaminants with a suitable concentrated detergent. Abrade glossy surfaces with a suitable abrasive and dust off.

100ºC – 200ºC

Apply Dekro Heat Resistant Aluminium paint directly to clean bare metal. Raise temperatures to 150ºC and maintain for one hour to precure before reaching normal working temperature.

100ºC – 400ºC

Apply Dekro Silicon NO.400 aluminium directly to clean metal.