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Fungus and Algae Resistant


Fungi (mildew or moss) are a low form of plant life existing in hundreds of species. The growth of a specie depends on the particular conditions which suit it, e.g. continuous high humidity, temperature, lack of light and sunshine, still air or whether the base is a nutrient, etc.

Fungus growth occurs in damp rooms and buildings such as lavatories, basements, laundries, breweries, cellars, etc., and outdoors, particularly on asbestos cement roofs. Fungi may remain dormant for long periods under dry conditions, but are activated when the humidity rises above a certain level.

Algae often occur in south-facing walls during the damp rainy season and are recognised by the bright green colour which appears when completely dry.


Where growth is expected to occur, surfaces should first be washed down with Hydrowash Fungicidal to destroy any spores on the surface.

Previously painted:
Badly infected films must be completely removed to the original surface which must then be treated with Hygiene Solution Primers.

Then proceed as for new work.

First Coat: Suitable Dekro Primer
Second Coat: Suitable Top Coat
Third Coat: Suitable Top Coat