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How to prepare and Fibreglass, Glass & Plastic


Fibreglass is inherently resistant to weather and chemicals and is painted purely for decoration.


New surface

  • Wash well with a concentrated detergent to remove the mould release agent.
  • Rinse with clean water.
  • Sandpaper lightly and dust off.


Whenever possible, paint on the unexposed side of the glass. Use High-Gloss Enamel, Semi-Gloss, Matt Enamels or Plastic Emulsion paints.


New glass surface

  • Wash well with a concentrated detergent solution to remove dust, dirt and grease.
  • Wipe the glass with methylated spirits and a clean cloth.

Previously painted glass surface

  • Remove existing paint by scraping.
  • Proceed as for new surface.



New surface

  • Remove dust, dirt, oil, etc. by washing down with a suitable concentrated detergent solution.
  • Sandpaper to roughen the surface slightly. This is necessary to ensure good adhesion of the paint.

Previously painted plastic
If in poor condition:

  • remove paint by scraping or sandpapering. Do not use paint remover.

If in good condition:

  • clean down
  • sandpaper lightly
  • dust lightly
Store paints in a cool area out of direct sunlight. Some types of coatings build up gases in the can and could explode if not stored in a cool place.

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