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How to prepare and paint brick walls

Common problems affecting bricks

  • Paint failure is often a cause of individual bricks and their levels of porosity.
  • The presence of salts causes efflorescence and flaking.
  • The presence of coloured substances, like iron salts, can cause severe staining – especially when water based paints are used.
  • Highly glazed bricks don’t provide a good key for paint surfaces.
  • Adhered dirt leaves a greasy film and this can cause paint to flake.
  • Old, exposed bricks can have a loose, powdery surface which doesn’t allow for the paint to adhere properly.

New bricks
Remove all traces of dust, dirt and paint splashes.

Previously lime washed or distempered bricks
Remove to bare surface by wire brushing, scraping or washing.


Always keep tools and materials away from children.

Previously oiled, alkyd, PVA or acrylic painted bricks
If in poor condition:

  • remove coating to the original surface.

If in good condition:

  • clean to remove dirt and grease.
Store paints in a cool area out of direct sunlight. Some types of coatings build up gases in the can and could explode if not stored in a cool place.

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