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How to paint pre-cast concrete walls

  • What do you need?
  • Suitable roller and tray
  • 67-100mm good quality brush
  • Extension pole
  • External Crack filler / Waterproofing Filler
  • Turpentine to clean brushes used for solvent based primers.
  • Hydrowash Antifungal – Spread Rate of 12m2 per litre
  • Dekro Masonry Primer – Spread Rate of 5-6m2 per litre depending on porosity of surface.
  • Dekroseal Waterbased Primer – Spread Rate of 5-6m2 per litre depending on porosity of surface.
  • Dekro Super Acrylic – Spread Rate of 8m2 per litre per coat
  • Dekro Hydrosilk – Spread Rate of 9m2 per litre per coat
  •  Preparation


Apply one coat of all fungi infested areas with Dekro Hydrowash Fungicidal and leave for 24 hours to react. This will kill spores and limit fungal growth. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry.


Check the wall for moisture. Paint applied to a plain precast wall that is not properly sealed will not adhere properly.

Tape plastic sheeting to the wall. Attempt to get the sheeting as air-tight as possible.


Check the plastic after 24 hours. If moisture appears within the plastic, you will need to seal the wall. If no moisture is present, the plain pre-cast wall is already sealed.

Seal the pre-cast wall. Roll on 1 Dekro Bonding Liquid and allow it to dry overnight.

  •  Application


Apply one coat of Dekro Masonry Primer/ Dekroseal Waterbased Primer to the entire surface at spreading rate of ±6m2 a litre, and allow drying for ± 8 hours.


Apply two coats of your preferred Dekro Acrylic coating and allow 4 -6 hours drying time in-between coats. We recommend coating both sides of precast walls for best results.

If your walls are smooth, reckon on covering 8-10 square metres with a litre of matt or satin sheen paint. Always check the coverage information on the data sheet as different types of paint have different spreading capacities. Dekro Paints can give expert advice on colour schemes and what types of paint to use.We can also save you money by calculating quantities. Tell us the measurements of the areas you want to cover, the types of surfaces and their condition. All this information will make calculations a lot easier.

Always purchase more paint than you require as colour differences may occur when using different batches of paint.  

Good Advice

Top qualit y paints not only give you easier and better coverage but are longer lasting and easier to clean tan low grade paints. Budget for the best – it pays in the long run.


Always keep tools and materials away from children. Read the instructions before beginning your project.


Dekro Hydrosilk

Dekro Hydrosilk is an adhesion promoted plastic satin finish pure acrylic coating. Dekro Hydrosilk has outstanding interior/exterior durability and is stain and scrub resistant.

Dekro Super Acrylic

Dekro Super Acrylic is a high quality, washable, matt pure acrylic which dries to a smooth matt finish. Regarded as the most popular grade of emulsion paint. Dekro Super Acrylic may also be applied to metal and wooden surfaces, provided these surfaces have been primed with an appropriate primer.
Acrylic | Concrete | Metal | Plaster | Wood

Dekro Masonry Primer

Dekro Plaster and Masonry Primer is a solvent based alkali resistant primer and sealer for use on new plaster, cretestone, fibre cement and alkaline surfaces.
Masonry | Primer


Dekroseal is a pigmented emulsion sealer for cement, plaster, cretestone, fibrecement, asbestos and porous brick surfaces.